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If you are a Tristar customers you can go directly to the visiting doctor on your company site to check on you and the necessary work, and in the absence of a visiting doctor and need to be revealed you can go to one of the doctors who entered the Corona network to see the doctor closest to you, or call the center (C C C) on the phone 01200191119


After the doctor's detection and the condition of his request to do tests and ct scans you should go to the tristar system for one of the laboratories and the center of the approved radiology of the Corona network with payment of the endurance value 250 pounds for all tests and the amount of 250 for the CT scan on the chest


 In the case of dispensing the drug, the exchange is done through the Tristar form received from the attending physician and you pay for the rate of carrying the medicine as it is written on your affiliation card.

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