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If you are not affiliated with Tristar customers, you can get the service by calling C C C center by telephone, knowing that this service is provided free of charge by Tristar without collecting any fees from you with the provision of detection, analysis and radiology services at absolutely affordable prices from the role of Social Tristar and we sought to eliminate this damn epidemic.


After contacting C C C Center by telephone, one of the doctors will do your part in directing one of the doctors of the Corona Tristar network by sending a consent form through your WhatsApp explaining the doctor's name and address.

Don't pay more than 120 pounds on doctor's checkup


Now you have to go to the doctor whose name is written on the form and after receiving the check-up and if the doctor shows the possibility of the presence of signs of the disease and to make sure the doctor will ask to do tests and c.e. and write it on his prescription after signing and stamping it before him




You should send your doctor's prescription via WhatsApp for The C C C Center for Tristar 0120019 1119

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(C C C) sends a approval form for analysis with the name and address of the lab as well as the radiance approval form in which the name and address of the center is written on WhatsApp to do your part to go to the lab and the radiology center to find the service smoothly and easily

Don't pay more than 320 pounds for tests and 415 pounds for CT scans




In case of dispensing the drug, it is dispensed through the prescription of the attending physician. 

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