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The Egyptian Medical market is saturated with insurance companies as well as large, medium and small TPA and HMO companies, all competing for your business. The new expected Insurance Law soon will completely change the medical insurance topography.  Paul Haddad’s latest company to be established (a pioneer in the insurance industry) is TRISTAR GLOBAL HEALTH, a company specialized in Health services either as HMO or TPA or Medical Service Provider.

We have been providing Insurance Services for more than 60 years (since the 1950’s) in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, of which more than 30 years in Egypt, Paul Haddad believes that the Egyptian market is ready for expansion and diversity in the line of Health Services. A high quality medical care program is the best investment you can make for you and your loved ones and your company.


TRISTAR is the first Health Care Provider to apply the boutique concept, by decentralizing and personalizing our services to each and every beneficiary according to there personal needs. We limit the number of Beneficiaries for each entity established in different areas of the Governorates in order to be able to provide personal and exceptional services.

We make ourselves Small so that you would Feel Big

We direct you to a doctor’s personal clinic and provide you an appointment at your convenience instead of waiting in long lines in out-patient hospital clinics, thus providing you and your doctor the proper time for a full diagnosis of your case

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TRISTAR is keen to serve the beneficiary in the easiest and smoother way possible. TRISTAR has developed an advanced IT system to handle all daily activities. Click on “IT procedures” link to understand the advance ONLINE IT system developed by TRISTAR.

TRISTAR considered all its clients as partners and look for a fully transparent service. The ONLINE IT system provides to all clients a real time data entry utilization reports stating all detailed services rendered to the beneficiary with the gross and net amounts paid to the providers after all discounts as contracted.



Tristar has developed the concept of customer service by adopting a new method of returning beneficiaries calls and concerns. The CMC (Claim Management Center) consists of a team of well- trained doctors, to answer all calls and reply with appropriate solutions and on time without delays. Doctors understand better the beneficiaries concerns and look after their needs efficiently. This concept elevates the level of service and makes our clients more appreciative in comparison to regular “CALL CENTERS” applied by other TPA. Physicians /patient relationship by itself is a therapeutic. “A successful consultation with a trusted and respected practitioner will therefore have beneficial effects irrespective of any other therapy given". TRISTAR has built good relationships with their medical service providers/Network. Its medical department is always on top of issues with all Network Providers with the aim of providing its clients with the best medical option.



The CMC is working 7 days a week including official’s holydays from 9 morning to 10 evening.  

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